The Lack of Protective Equipment for State Workers is a Great Concern

Source: Independent Online and Affiliated Companies

State workers have excessive pressure due to the lack of PPE. Durban Metro Police on the 6th January 2021 indicated that the move to adjusted level 3 lockdown as added more pressure to persecute transgressors, and the lack of PPE is making matters worse.

This is what the police offer had to say,

“Science tells us the virus is capable of surviving on paper for up to five days. This is of great concern as once a summons is issued, the control copy goes between many hands from the collection box to numerous captures, and it finally ends up in court where it is handled again,” said the officer.

“A cloth mask and a bottle of sanitiser is all we are armed with against the deadly Covid- 19 virus. We are not supplied with gloves,” said another officer.

Mbuso Mothiba

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